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This is my first IWD post as an Italian resident after 25 years in the UK, and as I have come back with an academic job financed specifically to attract human capital back to Italy, I was going to give it the ‘repatriated’ title. On reflection, though, most of what I want to talk about… Read More »

Why we need to be serious about gender stereotyping

Gender stereotyping is an important pervasive force that underlies many persistent gender gaps we observe in social and economic life (for example in education, the labour market, political representation, and the division of labour in households) and unless we take them seriously, make conscious efforts to teach our children about theirexistence and effects, and equip… Read More »

Entitled: Lessons for Economists

I had really appreciated Kate Manne’s first book (published in 2018) Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny because it did exactly what the title promised, namely making it clear how misogyny has a logic, that of policing infractions of what psychologists would call prescriptive and descriptive behavioural norms pertaining to gender: what men and women… Read More »

On being a woman economist

I was asked recently to reflect on what being a woman in economics meant for me, specifically describing the journey from being an undergraduate to now. It is not easy to tease the woman from the economist bit, as you will see, and maybe it never will or should be. Answering the question required me… Read More »

The Long Story (about me)

As an only child moving with my family across three very different regions in Italy I always needed to adapt quickly to new schools and learnt from an early age that the rules of acceptable behavior could be very different in different places. To fit in, one had to figure out the local rules (which… Read More »