Projects underway


The project financed by Pearson will run over 2020-2022 and develop and test the effectiveness of a training programme designed together with psychologists and educationalists to help teachers recognise UB and contrast it. The objectives are to increase teaching effectiveness and enjoyment by reducing the effects of UB in class, in teaching materials and methods and in students evaluation, and it aims to help increase inclusion, improving the educational and behavioural outcomes of all pupils. A pilot was run with Pearson Italy in 2017-18 and builds on an earlier intervention designed in the UK in 2015-16.

INclusive Health And wellBeing In small and medium size ciTies

INHABIT is a project to deliver innovative solutions to foster Inclusive Health and Wellbeing in medium sized cities. I lead Work package 6 Enabling behaviour change with a focus on gender and diversity with exciting projects on gender landscaping, behaviour change and measuring inclusive health and wellbeing in Lucca, Cordoba, Nitra and Riga over the next five years.

This project will investigate the conflict between infant feeding and returning to work. The return to paid work can act as a potential barrier for mothers wishing to continue to breastfeed and vice versa. Breastfeeding has been shown to have a positive long-term impact on child heath, cognitive development, and mothers’ health. Promoting and enabling a mother’s ability to breastfeed, either directly or through expressing milk, is in the interest of employers and wider society. The decision to return to paid work is motivated by a variety of factors: financial necessity, career concerns or goals, job security, and attitudes to motherhood. This project is the first to explore these obstacles between infant feeding and return to paid work and the impact on maternal wellbeing among different subgroups.

A project on gender parity involving both research, production of teaching materials, webinars, teacher training and schools interventions in Italy. Press comment from Corriere (in Italian).